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Property Maintenance


Looking for top-notch property maintenance services in Long Island, NY?
Look no further! Primalside Property Maintenance is your one-stop solution, offering an extensive array of services tailored for both residential and commercial clients throughout Long Island.
Reach out to us at Phone: (631) 623-2065 to book your service today!

Our Key Services Include:

Pressure Washing Services:

Driveway/Walkway Cleaning: Revive your driveways and walkways.
Fence & Deck Cleaning: Restore the charm of fences and decks.
House Cleaning: Comprehensive cleaning for a pristine home.
Graffiti Removal: Erase unsightly graffiti with specialized equipment.
Roof Soft Washing: Preserve shingle integrity while removing moss and stains.
Siding Soft Washing: Safely cleanse dirt and mold from sidings.
Patio & Outdoor Furniture Soft Washing: Enhance outdoor areas without damage.
Single Cleaning: A thorough clean for your property.
Routine Cleaning: Consistent services to uphold impeccable conditions.

Snow Removal Services:

Plowing: Swift snow plowing for accessibility.
Snow Blowing: Efficient snow removal with powerful blowers.
Shoveling: Precision snow clearing manually.
Applying Ice Melt Treatments: Counteract hazardous ice build-up.
Clearing Stairs and Handrails: Prioritize safety during icy conditions.

Landscaping and Planting Services:

Flower Bed Design & Planting: Cultivate vibrant flower beds.
Shrub & Tree Planting: Professional planting services to refine garden aesthetics.
Seasonal Planting & Garden Rotation: Ensure year-round garden appeal.
Native Plant Selection & Planting: Embrace native plants for sustainable charm.
Debris Removal: Efficiently clear garden waste and debris.
Tree Trimming: Shape and maintain the health of your trees.

Contact us at Phone: (631) 623-2065 for a complimentary, obligation-free quote. With Primalside Property Maintenance, you’re entrusting experts renowned for excellence and commitment. Our team prioritizes your needs, ensuring timely, insured services that align with your schedule. As your trusted partner in Long Island, NY, we ensure all your property maintenance needs are addressed with unparalleled precision.